Tuba AP-3008FH (RM142/mth)

Suitable for large areas such as wide living areas and office open areas.

Service area
Up to 2650 sqf
24.5 kg
600mm (W) x 920mm (H) x 410mm (D)
Outright purchase price
Installment via credit card
As low as RM117.80 x 36 mths

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Super Capacity Air Purifier
TUBA. Next BIG Trend.

Equipped with excellent filter technology, Tuba AP-3008FH comes with exquisite design, easy usage, energy efficient and works in a quiet whisper. Having everything in one, it is worth owning it!

BIG Coverage Area
The superb capacity air purifier (up to 2650 sq ft coverage) gives you clean air no matter you are in office or at home.

Real-time Airflow Speed Adjustment
Automatically adjusts the airflow speed based on indoor air quality level.

Dust Sensor
Detects the indoor air pollution level based on the number of dust particles floating in the air.

The Smart A3 Saving Mode
Intelligent mode which it will detect dust and perform filtration even during sleep mode, before it automatically shuts down again.

Odor Sensor
Detects indoor air pollution level based on gases inducing bad odour.

Air Quality Indicator
The colour of LED indicator provides immediate notification of current indoor air quality.

Safety Lock System
Front cover can be locked for child-safety purpose.

Anti-Flu HEPA Filter Remove Influenza Virus
Coway ANti-Flu HEPA Filter that formulated by Ginko and Japanese Sumac extracts able to deactivate the virus by destroying the protein on its surface.

COWAY Advanced Air Purification System
Combined with Anti-Flu HEPA Filter, the newly added Anti Microbial Filter inactivates more types of bacteria and viruses, which is suitable for indoor air-conditioned environment which has bad air circulation. It is able to reduce 99.99% of viruses and bacteria.

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