Prism Juicepresso

Perfect for making healthy juices and smoothies

32 RPM (at 20 N.M)
167mm (W) x 223mm (H) x 433mm (D)
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As low as RM74.60 x 24 mths

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A Dynamic Duo
More Than Just A Juicer

The Prism is even more handy and convenientĀ thanks to its multifunctional Smart Extraction System.

Now, here comes an easy way to get all the fruits and veggies into your diet deliciously – COWAY’s 2in1 Slow Juicer and Smoothie Maker – PRISM JUICEPRESSO.

Smart Extraction System
COWAY’s innovative SES technology and user friendly design set a new standard. Try it our yourself! Juicepresso’s innovative technology sets the new standard for juicers to include features such as:

Duo Strainer
One option is never enough. With the exchangeable strainers, you can choose between juicing and crushing. Get creative with food!

Pulp Controller
This one-of-a-kind feature allows you the flexibility of having regular amount of pulps or extra pulps in your juice.

Quick Rinse System
Clean within seconds. Yes, it is that fast, and easy.

Slower Rotation
With the slowest rotation rate of 32 RPM in the market, nutrients in fruits and vegetables are preserved, and not destroyed.

Ergonomically Designed
TheĀ Prism’s award winning functional design is not only elegant, it is also easy to use, made out of BPA-Free plastic and also ergonomic touch.


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