Lombok II AP-1511FHE (RM104/mth)

Best model for
asthmatics & homes with babies and pets

Service area
Up to 1600 sqf
12 kg
476mm (W) x 700mm (H) x 292mm (D)
Outright purchase price
Installment via credit card
As low as RM86.40 x 36 mths

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The 6-Stage Filter & RBD Plasma Air Purifier to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality
Revolutionary & Revitalizing

The Second Generation Air Purifier Guards You From Harmful Agents!

Coway proudly introduces you the sleek and intelligent Lombok II, AP-1511FH that makes the air you breathe in an enclosed environment cleaner to allow better health and pleasant surroundings.

RBD Plasma System and Antibacterial Catalyst Filtering
Coway’s unique technology of RBD (Resistive Barrier Discharge) plasma & catalyst filtration system enhances the power of oxidation and sterilisation and the ability of decomposition for harmful gasses such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde, germs and virus.

Eliminate Cigarette Odours within Minutes
The deodorising function is improved by using AC deodorising filter which traps smoke particles and other undesired odours in minutes.

Cluster Negative Ion Generator
Air purifier generates cluster negative ion to eliminate activated oxygen and static electricity for clean indoor air.

Rhythmic Cleaning System by Turbo Fan
The turbo fan increases the clean air flow rate for nature-like fresh air as your home is an enclosed system and the air within it is circulated throughout.

Futuristic Air Quality Indicator
Air quality indicator provides visible colour changes in accordance with indoor air quality level detected by dual air quality sensors through futuristic LED display.

Anti-Flu HEPA Filter removes Influenza Virus
Coway Anti-Flu HEPA Filter that was formulated by Ginkgo and Japanese Sumac extracts are able to deactivate the virus by destroying the protein on its surface.

Coway Advanced Air Purification System
Coway’s Lombok II air purifier system is comprised of a 6-step filtration flow process, which perform the ultimate solution in assured purity.

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