Indicator AP-1016A (RM90/mth)

Exclusive Haze Mode

Service area
Up to 1200 sqf
7.9 kg
385mm (W) x 247mm (H) x 580mm (D)
Outright purchase price
Installment via credit card
As low as RM78.60 x 36 mths

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Like Having a Mind of Its Own.
Intuitive Innovation

A high performance yet lightweight innovation makes the Indicator the pioneer in smart living.

Coway proudly introduces you the Indicator AP-1016A air purifier, technologically advanced in raising the standards of smart living.

Haze Mode
The recurring haze is a nuisance to Malaysians, causing side effects like sneezing, runny nose, throat irritation, dry cough, headaches, dizziness, and eye irritation.The Indicator offers a one of a kind haze filtering feature that is exclusively dedicated to the conditions in Malaysia.

NFC Application
Pioneering Malaysian market, COWAY is the first ever brand to create NFC mobile application that allows users to know whether their usage hours of air purifier are sufficient to provide them clean air.
*For a list of smartphones that supports NFC application, kindly browse

Advanced Functions
Includes advanced functions such as:
Eco Mode – Intelligently switches into Power Saving mode if the air quality remains clean for over 10 minutes.
Pollution Indicator – Current level of indoor air quality (IAQ) is highlighted using 4 different LED-coloured lights.
Child Lock – To prevent children from playing with the settings, you can lock the system by pressing the RBD Plasma and Timer buttons simultaneously.

RBD Plasma System and Anti-Bacterial Catalyst Filter
Built by our very own scientists, the Resistive Barrier Discharge (RBD) plasma and filtration system enhances the oxidation and sterilisation power, giving it the ability to decompose germs and viruses, as well as harmful gases such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and Formaldehyde.

Anti-Flu HEPA™ Filter
Formulated with ginkgo and Japanese sumac extracts, the filter destroys
the protein on its surface, thus inactivating the influenza viruses.

Advanced Air Purification System
By combining our Resistive Barrier Discharge (RBD) plasma technology and the Anti-Bacterial Catalyst filtration system, we managed to enhance the oxidation and sterilisation power and the ability to decompose germs and viruses, as well as harmful gases such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and Formaldehyde.

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