COWAY Juicepresso Prism


Everyone knows how important fruit and vegetables are in our daily diet. However, not everyone has the courage to squeeze in all the necessaries into your meals. Children, especially, are often resistant to these nutrients.

Now, here comes an easy way to get all the fruit and vegies into your diet deliciously. Coway’s Latest Slow Juicer – JUICEPRESSO PRISM.

Your conventional juicers rapidly spins to extract juice from its ingredients. In addition to being extremely noisy and loud, the heat from the high-speed spinning of the motor destroys the precious enzymes through oxidation.

Coway's Juicepresso Prism slow juicer (or also known as cold pressed juicer) uses an advanced patented technology in juicing thus all the healthy nutrients, vitamins and enzymes are retained during the juicing process. Through its Smart Extraction System and user friendly design, Coway sets a new standard for juicers to include features such as:

Slower Rotation

It has the slowest rotation rate of 32 RPM in the market and as a result, nutrients in fruits and vegetables are preserved and not destroyed.

Pulp Controller

A One Of A Kind feature that allows you to have more or less pulp in your juice.

Quick Rinse System

Enables you to clean within seconds. Yes, it is that fast, and easy!
Check out the video below to see the cleaning process of a Juicepresso after use.

Duo Strainer

Another bonus feature is the Juicepresso's Duo Strainer (because one option is never enough!). With the exchangeable strainers, you can choose between juicing and crushing. Get creative with food!

Ergonomically Designed

The Prism’s award winning functional design is not only elegant, it is also easy to use, made out of BPA-Free plastic and also ergonomic touch.