Coway has grown into a leader in the home wellness appliance industry, and has built a solid foundation as a company specializing in water and air purity since 1989.

Since its establishment, COWAY has consistently grown while maintaining transparency an ethics management principles. In 1998, we introduced a rental business model for the first time in the industry and provide before-service by service representatives called "Cody". As a result, COWAY has topped the Gallup polls recent years in terms of market share, customer satisfaction and brand awareness. Since mid-2000s, the company has actively made forays into the global market to become a leading global household electronics company, while strengthening our domestic position.

At present, we operate five overseas subsidiaries (including Malaysia), a branch and a logistics center in Netherlands, and continue to increase exports and build a strong foundation for sustainable growth. From 2009, we have bolstered our position as a sustainable company by focusing on green management, thereby implementing customer value management and contributing to the sustainable development of humankind.

COWAY Malaysia

COWAY was introduced to the Malaysian market in 2006. With the tagline “We Bring Wellness”, COWAY positions itself as the brand that cares for your health and the environment, providing 100% eco-friendly home appliances for your well-being. To date, there are more than 200,000 customers of COWAY Malaysia and the number is rapidly growing.

COWAY is The Top Consumer And Household Electronics Company in Korea.

• More than 5 million satisfied customers in Korea.

• One of largest R&D Center with state-of-art facilities and more than 250 researches.

• Received Numerous International Awards & Certifications.

• Recognized as “Drinking Water Quality Inspection Agency”.

• World’s largest indoor water filter manufacturer.

• Awarded the Water Quality Association (WQA) Gold Seal Mark.

• Cody always ever-ready in assisting customers’ product maintenance.

• Adhere to the RoHS Standard (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive).

Research & Development

COWAY established its first R&D center in 1993, one year before starting factory production. In December 2006, COWAY established a partnership with Seoul National University in Korea to further develop technology products utilizing both industrial and academic knowledge. Innovation at COWAY is focused primarily on delivering improved consumer convenience rather than improved profits for the company. Our R&D approach is founded on a consumer-centric system that exhaustively identifies and discovers consumer needs to inspire product development.

Our R&D center is equipped with 182 advanced devices and high-tech research facilities. We are also certified by the WQA (Water Quality Association, USA) as a Recognized Testing Laboratory and are running efficiency and safety tests. We will always provide best-in-class products and services to our customers, and to expand in the world market by making continuous investments in our research and development capabilities.

Awards won by COWAY

Throughout the years, COWAY has been sweeping various awards for the excellence of its products.

COWAY Malaysia’s Corporate Customers

COWAY has established a strong recognition and trust in both government bodies and the private sector. Below are some of our many notable clients.